How to Restore or Remove Your Browser's Tool Bars

Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or any other browser under the sun you probably make full use of the toolbars that appear above the actual web page content.


From those tool bars you can open a new window or tab, print a web document, view your history, access your bookmarked pages, and even type in the address that you want to access.

When those tool bars, that we seem to take for granted, disappear what do you do? Don't freak out. We have compiled some tech tips for the most popular browsers to help you get those bars back


Internet Explorer

  1. In the blank space directly over the displayed web page right click to bring up the menu that lists the tool bars (be sure not to click on any text or the tab).
  2. From there click on the bars that you want displayed, or undisplayed.
  3. Enjoy. That's it. Experiment with what you want shown on your browser. Keep in mind that the more bars that are displayed will descrease the area available for the actual web content.


  1. If the menu bar if there (the bar that has File, Edit, View, History, etc) right click in the pane and select the bars that you want displayed.
  2. If no bars are displayed just tap the Alt key. This will temporarily display the menu bar. Then revert back to step one.


  1. In order to save space on the screen Google's Chrome does not even offer the toolbars. The navigaion bar is always on the screen and cannot be disabled.
  2. In order to access your bookmarks, history, and other options click on the wrench icon just to the right of the navigation bar. Sixteen different options show up to help you thoroughly enjoy your Chrome browsing experience.


  1. Safari simplifies the process by adding two buttons next to the navigation bar.
  2. The first button looks like a piece of paper with a dog-eared corner. In that button you can do things like opening a new tab or window, saving a web page or printing.
  3. The other button looks like a gear. The gear button allows you to customize your toolbar. Everything from history to bookmarks to full customization is located here.

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