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Technology can make us super-efficient. But when that technology doesn't do what it is supposed to, things get ugly. Here at PC TLC, we have spent the last 10 years perfecting the art of tech support. Whether you have a personal computer that is acting up, or a business that needs good technology applied to grow, we’ve got you covered.

Specializing in business Information Technology support, our expert technicians are trained and ready to assist with the tech needs of your organization.

PC TLC PC TLC 19 August 2014, 13:55
This could be a game changer if it works as easily as they say!
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PC TLC PC TLC 18 August 2014, 08:31
Privacy? What privacy?
#googlemaps #pctlc
PC TLC PC TLC 11 August 2014, 14:23
What happens when you like everything on Facebook!
#pctlc #wired #facebook #like

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